When Obedience Makes You Face Your Fears (NEW– I have a YOUTUBE channel!)

I can’t pinpoint how exactly it came about, but what I do know is this.  I was a quivering mess of anxiety about even the thought about uploading videos of myself singing my songs to YouTube and making them searchable for everyone.  And then I felt God telling me to do it.  I still came up with lots of incredibly valid reasons why I shouldn’t.  But, I did it anyway.

Introducing the Meredith Sings channel on YouTube!

Join me on YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/user/MeredithSingsBlog

Join me on YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/user/MeredithSingsBlog


I have four songs currently uploaded, but plan to keep recording until most of my songs are included.

I am learning so much on this journey, and though I have no idea where the end of the road is, I am so excited that God is my driver, and that I know that He is trustworthy!  He has surrounded me with a network of supporters, and I am just so grateful to everyone who has encouraged me to keep going in the faith, and for praising every baby step that I have made. :)

In the mean time, will you join me over on YouTube? I would love to be able to share this whole experience with you! Also — please share with me what verses have been speaking to you, and what you have learned from your studies in the Word. Nothing is more inspiring to me than hearing what is inspiring YOU!

Have a blessed day, sweet friends!



About Meredith

Jesus follower. Wife. Mom. Friend. Song writer. Musician. Teacher. Writer. I wear too many hats -- and it's not always great for my hair. But my life is filled with laughter and love, and music. I love hearing my boys' voices raised in song, I love leading worship in any capacity or setting. Life is beautiful.


When Obedience Makes You Face Your Fears (NEW– I have a YOUTUBE channel!) — 3 Comments

  1. WOWOWOWOWOWOWOW!!! So inspiring to see you taking those steps (although I’m sure they feel like leaps) of Faith. I will def be hoping over to YouTube (probably after leaving this comment) to check it out!
    I feel like the Lord has been laying a few things on my heart this past week, the two that have jumped out the most is “suffering well” and “giving it up” for Him. *gulps* My prayer is to step (leap?) in faith of whatever He is trying to prepare me for as well! *Hugs to you my friend and YAY for this next step in your journey!*
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