Things I learned in June

June was incredibly busy, and then at other times not so busy.  But many, many things have been learned.

1.  Grand March is a beautiful tradition at the high school where I teach, and my high school band was thrilled to be a part of it.  No whining at all.  They made me so proud!

Grand March


2.  Three year olds who set up obstacles made out of couch cushions in the living room, and then proceed to jump over them, clearing them entirely, will probably end up doing long jump and triple jump on their high school track team.

3. My husband and the aforementioned three year old must. not. ever. get hungry.  Bad things happen.  :)

4. Summer vacations are amazing.

5. Zumba is fun.  Really, really fun.

6. There are awesome running/coaching apps for Android.

7. Camping in the backyard is awesome. :)

backyard camping


8.  I am prideful, selfish and all around yucky.  But I have a really big Savior who already died for all of that  . . . and left an amazingly powerful Holy Spirit to dwell within me and make me clean, and help me live my life in a way that will honor Him.

9.  5th through 8th graders will be exciting about marching in our local parade, even though it is after school is out for the summer.  We played  Dynamite — the Taio Cruz version you may or may not have heard on the radio — goodness knows I wouldn’t have known about it if I hadn’t chaperoned that school dance earlier in the year . . . :)  Adorable little boy holding the banner is my oldest, Stephen.  :)

Wind jammer parade

10.  Sometimes God and husbands work together to bless your socks off.  Back-story?  This is the first time in three years that we have NOT moved on Memorial Day weekend, which means that I didn’t need my community band stipend for moving expenses.  A fleeting thought grabbed my mind – - –  getting a new guitar —  but I quickly dismissed it, because of other priorities.  The very next day, out of the blue, my husband mentions trading in the guitar that I should have loved but just can’t, no matter how many times we have it adjusted, and getting a new one.  The end result?  A beautiful, perfect for me Taylor Big Baby Guitar.  *rapturous wonder*

11. Blondes do  have more fun.  *wink*




Well now… that was some SERIOUS fun. :)  I am thrilled that I saw Stacey‘s post on twitter, so I could play along with Emily and all of her friends!!    You should play too!!  :)  I feel SO MUCH BETTER now that I  a) have a post up on my blog, and b) have detailed some of the amazing and wonderful things that this month held!!


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