The dust settles – and then you have to clean it up.

Friends, if I were to tell you just how busy last week was (and the weeks leading up to it, to be honest), it would just take too long.  But here are the highlights:

  • My final paper was due for the class I just finished.  (Got an A. Woot!)
  • We hosted a major festival at the high school in my district.
  • I made the programs for the concert.  It took me TWELVE HOURS.  I am not kidding.
  • Two of my students participated, so I worked with them almost every spare second to prepare them for the music.
  • Thursday of last week (the night BEFORE the festival) was the debut concert for my 5th grade band.
  • Shopping needed to be done for both the concert and the festival.
  • I got home from my concert Thursday, intending to bake brownies for the bake sale the next day.  I fell asleep on the couch instead. When I woke up, my husband had already made the brownies for me!  Awww!

Over the weekend I recovered from the week that had been, rested my over-worked back that ALMOST went out in the moving of my percussion equipment to a location for the custodians to find easily so that it could be returned to my classroom, and caught up on sleep and sanity.

And I wrote a song.

It played out like this.  My husband had to work most of the day on Saturday, and the boys and I were left to clean as much of the house as we could for church the next day, and I had to choose music.  I said, “Lord – what Psalm should I base a song on today?” And Psalm 51 pops into mind.  So I read through the verses, and an inkling of a melody tickles my mind.  I grab the iPad, and open GarageBand to the keyboard.

The keyboard that I use in almost every song I write.

The keyboard that I use in almost every song I write.

I start playing ideas, and pretty soon I have a melody that works! The best thing about doing it this way is that I am using so many different parts of the brain in creating the melody, that I rarely forget it.  So many times I come up with THE MOST AWESOME SONG IDEA, melody, chords– all of it… But, since I am driving my car, or cooking dinner, or doing something ELSE without technology nearby, those ideas are gone, gone, gone. *sigh*

Anyway – I used the keyboard, had a melody, and pretty soon had a song.  Then I just had to figure out what chords to play over the melody.  It is still in the fine-tuning stages.

In other areas of life — I have been reading Lara Gibson Williams’ amazing book (review coming next week!) To Walk or To Stay, and have been hit between my eyeballs (and right square in my heart) with the TRUTH.  That’s right friends, CAPITAL  - T –  TRUTH.  The reality of who God is, who I am (really) and that He loves us anyway.  It has been too much for me.

It is easy for me to get bogged down in guilt and shame for all that I am not and completely lose sight of all that I am (because OF the I AM).

So here I am, broken and empty, trusting that if I offer up these broken pieces that He will create something beautiful. The dust has settled, leaving the not so pretty reality behind, and I am cleaning it up — bit by bit. I know that He is faithful, and wants  me to be more like Him, so I know that I can trust Him with my in betweens.  He is my safe place.

That’s what’s been going on in my world.  How about you?

PS – Have you checked you my new YouTube channel?  I would absolutely crazy love some comment love on the videos. If that isn’t too weird. Or selfish. Heck – it’s probably both, but it is the truth. :)

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Jesus follower. Wife. Mom. Friend. Song writer. Musician. Teacher. Writer. I wear too many hats -- and it's not always great for my hair. But my life is filled with laughter and love, and music. I love hearing my boys' voices raised in song, I love leading worship in any capacity or setting. Life is beautiful.


The dust settles – and then you have to clean it up. — 4 Comments

  1. Wowza, you have been a busy lady! How exciting that He is still filling you with His music! Can’t wait to hear the latest one. :) Also looking forward to the book review. I have re-discovered my love for reading, although I must confess, my wish list of books is growing at an alarming rate LOL. Oh well, I have much to read and knit in my future. :P
    RaZella recently posted..Wellness Wednesday: Let Him Make It PossibleMy Profile

    • I love you!! You are such a source of joy, and inspiration to me.
      Thank you so much for your constant love and support. It means the world to me. AND I MISS YOU SO MUCH!!!

    • Thank you for making your presence known!! And yes– using garageband on the iPad has been COMPLETELY awesome. I am learning more about how to use it all the time!

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