Oh those blesssings… #1000gifts



1081. A relaxing and wonderful vacation spent with my family. Jonathan astounding us with his growing vocabulary, and Stephen impressed us with his artistic creations and his memory and recall of every single Star Wars movie, from 1 through 6.

1082. My little reader, excited beyond excited to have church using his own real Bible — NIrV is an amazing translation for early readers.  He needs help with the big words– but hey, don’t we all?  It is absolutely thrilling to listen to him reading out of Genesis, and really understanding the creation account, or out of Matthew and recognizing the Christmas story.

1083. Snowstorms!!  As much as I would have wished for them to LEAVE MY WEEKENDS ALONE, it was been beautiful to be in wintry Maine.  The boys like the snow, but we have ALL missed having church for THREE Sundays in a row.

Snowboys on a hill

My little boys, sitting on a snowbank.

2013-02-24 16.16.01

We took a walk after the shoveling was done,                                           and this is the view from my street.


1084. TWO new songs!!  One of them is based on Psalm 121, and another is based on Acts 20:24.  I need to get a better recording of the Psalm 121 song, and I need to get the okay to share the second song, since it is sort of a commission work.

1085. Our dear friends are home for a bit from the mission field, and we got to spend a laughter filled evening with them last Thursday.  Their daughter was also back in Maine for a short time, and we were supposed to have dinner with them all last night but the STUPID SNOW STORM made that impossible.  :(  I pouted all afternoon.  But — I have the memories of the time we did have together, and they will hold me until the next time they are home.

1086. Perspective.  It is easy to get so bogged down in the details, in the day to day, and in the expectations that we sometimes not even aware that we have set.  What a joy and a privilege it is to have friends who help us find our true perspective (in HIM) and for whom we can return the favor.

1087.  Focus and direction.  I took an amazing class this year. It was called “Assessments in the Music Classroom” and it has seriously been THE BEST thing I have ever done for my career as an educator.  I am so excited by the things that I have learned and put into practice, and I am even excited for the huge amount of work left to do!  Yippee!!

1088. This girl’s husband booked her tickets to Dallas for her very first blogging conference this summer!!  Woot Woot!!  I am going to The Declare Conference!!!  And while I am there, I will see about 75% of the people that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE from the blogging world.. because it seems, “y’all,” that I SHOULD HAVE BEEN A TEXAN!!!

1089. Trials.  Even though they absolutely stink in the middle, if I can remember that I have things to learn during and from them, I get just a little bit closer to the attitude of James.


I know there is more.  There are so many moments that take my breath away, but I don’t have the time to record them all right now. :)  But now that I am grateful, so very grateful, for all of you.

Have a blessed Monday, sweet friends!

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