#hellomornings while sick = victory!

Physical sickness wears you down.   It tires you out, and makes the normal seem out of the realm of possibility.

For example: Getting up at 4:30AM when I am sick and can barely swallow because of a sore throat that I know is just going to turn into a wretched cold, which will then go away and then start over again after one day of feeling well?  Not an easy feat.  In fact – - – it didn’t happen at all last week.

But – - I made my Bible study a priority. I parked my kids in the kitchen and pulled out truths, promises and commands while I was making breakfasts and packing lunches.  One of my super early days, where I have to be at school at 7AM,  I brought my journal to school and did my study right after my first class.

This is a huge victory for me.  My normal pattern is:

spiritual sickness

Physical Sickness leads to Spiritual Neglect leads to Spiritual Sickness.

This time – because I was digging in to biblical hope thanks to the AWESOME #hellomornings study Abounding Hope by Lara William and Katie Orr – I not only didn’t slip into pathetic hopelessness, or worse, apathy.  I was able to find the joy in the midst of coughing, sneezing and the rest of the yuck.

Even though I was feverishly (sometime in both ways) trying to finish projects for a graduate course I was taking, my focus was always able to be on Him, who gave me strength, just like He promised!!

It was so worth it to make the multi-tasking happen in the mornings so that I could stay grounded reality and hope.

Oh– and my #hellomornings group ROCKS!!!  xoxoxo

How did your week go?

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#hellomornings while sick = victory! — 4 Comments

  1. “Physical Sickness leads to Spiritual Neglect leads to Spiritual Sickness.” . . . This has been true of me too! Thanks for the reminder that we shouldn’t let anything stand in the way of our quiet time with the Lord.

    Hope you feel better!
    Rebecca recently posted..New Year, New Me?My Profile

  2. “Physical Sickness leads to Spiritual Neglect leads to Spiritual Sickness.
    What an AMAZING insight. :)
    Praying you and your precious family are feeling better. So happy for the *awesome* study and group and time with the Lord in His Word you are having. YAY!
    RaZella recently posted..Super Bowl Sunday & SlaveryMy Profile

  3. Meredith! This is why you are my HERO! Just love you! Happy for your GREAT victory! I didn’t do that well 2 wks ago now when that bug hit me! However, I rested & got a brandnew respect for my “body!” Rest is an area I don’t do well at! However, through this affliction, I found that things can go on without me! But, as soon as I had the strength I ran back to “my strong habitqtion, whereunto I may continually resort!” I am memorizing Ps. 71 with Hiding His Word! Love you girl!

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