10 Things About Right NOW (and a plug for Denise J Hughes NEW BOOK!!!)

Life is full, beautiful, chaotic and overwhelming.

Here are ten reasons why I haven’t been blogging as much lately.

1.  I am still writing songs! I have written 2 (maybe 3 — maybe 4 depending on how strict your style police are) worship songs,and have incorporated them into our rotation in church on Sunday mornings.  Hearing my sweet brothers and sisters raising their voices to my songs is amazing.

2. I am in the process of digitizing my music library at school.  Right now that means scanning the warm-up books that I use with my high school students, so that they can read them on their iPads.  And it takes FOREVER.  Each book is 26 pages long, and my poor printer/scanner/copier is just . . . not up for such a gargantuan task. And, it seems sometimes, that neither am I.   I hate tedious things. And this is so monotonous.  BUT — the reward for finishing will be worth it, so I keep plugging away.

3.  A dear friend and her adult son have started attending our home church.  The son brings with him his 7 year old son, so I have begun the exciting and absolutely terrifying journey of children’s ministry.  Sunday mornings have become a completely new level of panic and chaos.  (Please pray for me in this area??)

4. I am worn out and am yearning to be healthy, but feel absolutely trapped and powerless.  I know the right things to do but don’t do them.  I want to exercise, but always find reasons not to.  I know the healthy things that I should eat— and even though we don’t usually have them, I also know the completely unhealthy choices that I shouldn’t be making yet make them anyway.  (Please pray for me in this area too?)

5.  I gave my 6th grade band and my 7th and 8th grade band new songs last week.  It is so exciting watching them get excited about the new songs.  One of them is “I Just Can’t Wait to be King,” from the Lion King.

6.  I was in an adult spelling bee — an annual fundraiser for the town library — on Friday night with two other friends, forming a team to represent the school where I teach.  It was SO MUCH FUN!!  But it was incredibly nerve-wracking!  I second guessed our team right out of the bee and I much be more competitive than I realized because it is STILL bothering me!! :)

BecomingWriter 3D 324


7. I have been reading some amazing things by some amazing people.  I already reviewed Lara’s book, To Walk or to Stay, but you need to check out Denise J. Hughes’ book:  On Becoming A Writer: What Every Blogger Needs to Know.
It is awesome. Incredibly useful and a delight to read, since I simply adore the author.  AND I GET TO MEET HER IN AUGUST at the DECLARE conference in Dallas!!  YAY!!!!!

P.S.  – Her book is FREE TODAY!!  Grab it before the prices goes up to it’s normal $4.99!!
8.  A little person that wakes up minutes before my alarm.  Almost every day. But not today!!  Yay!!  Don’t get me wrong– I love my little cuddle bug. BUT- the list of things that are inconvenient about the unscheduled snuggled time keep piling up!

9.  I used to have THREE mornings a week with before school rehearsals.  That started at SEVEN A.M.  Yes.  It just about killed me.  Trying to get myself ready in time was hard enough.  But trying to get the first grader up, ready and actually out the door and moving at a pace that resembled human and not slug or snail?  AAAAAHHHH!!!  This child who can run circles around ANYTHING simply Would. Not. Move!  Anyway–  after several MONTHS of seeing the attendance of the participants struggling (not just me) we decided to take advantage of the study hall that they have in common, and now I only have ONE before school practice.  (Insert Hallelujah chorus here.)  (Seriously.)

10. I have this image stuck in my head from the very first day of the devotional Beyond, by Greg Laurie.  He likens the way we go about our lives without taking advantage of everything that the Lord gives us to a soldier fighting a battle without any ammunition.  The kicker? The soldier is sitting in a bunker filled with ammunition.  More than he could use in a lifetime.  Isn’t that so like us?  This image has stuck with me in a very powerful way, and I am trying consciously to take advantage of His presence within me.  Because He has given us everything we need for life and godliness already. Amen?  Amen.


Well, sweet friends– that’s what has been going on in my world!!  What are you all up to these days?

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Jesus follower. Wife. Mom. Friend. Song writer. Musician. Teacher. Writer. I wear too many hats -- and it's not always great for my hair. But my life is filled with laughter and love, and music. I love hearing my boys' voices raised in song, I love leading worship in any capacity or setting. Life is beautiful.


10 Things About Right NOW (and a plug for Denise J Hughes NEW BOOK!!!) — 3 Comments

  1. Wow, you def sound like a busy bee! That is so exciting about your writing and the songs being used in church, and very very exciting that your church is moving into children’s ministry!!!! PRAISE PRAISE!!!
    I will def be lifting you up in prayer for the areas that are a bit more of a struggle. Happy for this busy time in your life because it sounds wonderful and exciting. :)
    I’m nearly finished blogging through Matthew and will soon start blogging through Mark. I am loving the quiet time spent in His word. I also joined a challenge group for my exercise on FB that has been very helpful, and have been asked to be one of the co-leaders in a new challenge group starting up. YAY! Other than that, I just have knitting drama in my life where I cannot get a pattern to gauge properly resulting in the fingerless mittens to come out too big every time. At this point, I’ve told the son to just keep them and he will grow into them in a year (or two…or three…or maybe five….). :)
    RaZella recently posted..Blogging Through Matthew: 19 thru 23: Woe to Me and Eternal HopeMy Profile

  2. I love hearing about your life! You have a lot of things to be thankful for. That is wonderful! I will pray for your healthy. I always find it difficult to be healthy when I’m busy. I fool myself into believing that convenience is easier. In the long run, it drags us down and leaves us with that exhaustion you mentioned. I will pray for you to get some rest and have the determination to do what you need to for your health! Blessings!
    Tereasa recently posted..When Faced with the UnexpectedMy Profile

  3. An adult spelling bee as a fundraiser is an awesome idea! I love it. And I love hearing about your home church. I love hearing about your band at school too because I just know you’re one of those teachers your students will forever remember as someone who touched their lives for eternity.

    Thank you for sharing the e-book with your readers. I put a link to your blog on mine, and I put “Meredith Sings.” ;)

    And, yes, I can’t wait to meet you at Declare! Woohoo!

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