When the fear turns to dancing– and other lessons from the cave

We arrived in Nashville on June 30th, 2014. We left behind everything that we knew and loved on June 29th.   Every comfort zone that I had in Maine has been stripped away — with the exception of my husband, children, and guitar.  Our friends and family are now 1,256 miles away. My status as the band director that helped shape young lives for the past 13 years is gone.  The safety of the income that I received from the job that I adored — definitely, woefully gone. But instead of complaining about the circumstances (though I will admit to … Continue reading

Five Minute Friday — “Release”

  In order to fully live in God’s will, I have to be willing to let go of what I love to receive what He intends for me. And I love being the band director to these amazing students. We are moving to Nashville, TN in 9 days. I have less than a week here in my beloved seaside town before I pack up my boys and stay with my parents for a few days before the big move. I have had to say goodbye to students, colleagues and friends. I have had to pack up a band room, and file … Continue reading

T – 56 Days!

We are moving to the Nashville area in 56 days! I have been keeping things quiet — job searches are a whole lot different in the 21st century. May I give you an update? Awesome. Have a seat. There is a LOT to tell you! We went to Nashville on my recent April vacation, and we secured a place to live! We will be in a cute suburb to the Northeast of Music City that this rural town girl is quite giddy over. Want to hear what my “town” has?   A MALL, a Wal-Mart (that will probably be a … Continue reading

When Your Dream and Decisions Affect Those You Love

When you decide that your dream is worth following, and worth fighting for, the people that you love will be affected. The reality is that even though they are supportive, if your dream involves moving away, there will be holes in their lives because of your absence. In my situation it is particularly gut-wrenching as I am leaving 100 plus band students that I adore behind, hoping and praying that whoever follows in my footsteps falls in love with them as I did. So when I heard talk that my position wasn’t being filled, and that they were opting to divide the … Continue reading

Does your blog need a new look? Let me help!

If I had to pick the single worst time to decide to start a new “business” venture, this would be it.  I am right in the middle of trying to finish my resume and and cover letter, searching for teaching jobs in Tennessee, a song writing challenge that I haven’t even told y’all about yet, and trying to balance a crazy budget for the crazy move we are making in less than five months. Nope. I would not have decided that NOW was the time to start marketing myself as blog designer. But — I couldn’t get away from the idea. … Continue reading

Why every dreamer needs a community –


If we are doing this Christian life right, then self-promotion does not come easily.  Taking risks that will place you in situations where you have to brag or advocate for yourself at the expense of others is difficult. Sometimes even distasteful. But when you have a community of people that share your vision, and pray you forward, they remind you that telling the truth is not prideful. They remind you that God uses everyone in different ways, and why not you? As a dreamer, we live with and nurture our dreams in the quiet of our heart. Bringing them out in the open is a … Continue reading

On Bravery, Taking Risks, and Standing Still

Some ladies and I started out on a crazy, bold adventure at the beginning of January. We dared to speak life into dreams that God had been planting in our hearts and minds.   We started preparing to open our homes and our hearts to those who need love.  We made contact with people in the industries we are pursuing — record companies, editors and retailers.  We are actively pursuing fun, and health. Our lives were rocked by the risks we took — and the fact that even when the outcome wasn’t what we had hoped, we didn’t die.  And … Continue reading

Harnessing Creativity (investing in your dream) While Managing Responsibilities

Balance. It is something that all creatives not doing their art full-time struggle with. Capturing inspiration in the moment it arrives is difficult — especially if it arrives in the middle of teaching a 6th grade band lesson, or an important business pitch.  Finding time to create, to build on the moments of inspiration–if we are lucky enough to have held onto that idea until we had free time– is a challenge, because often at the end of the day family responsibilities reign supreme. At the point which our time is finally ours, we are often too exhausted to do anything … Continue reading

Moving steadily toward the dream – - – A #riskrejection update

My goals for January that I determined for Jon Acuff’s 30 Days of Hustle were: 1. Work on my cover letter and update my resume. 2. Complete and send of my forms for my Tennessee teaching license. 3. Make contact with a specific recording studio that I have been following (and dreaming about) in the Nashville Area.   Update on #1 – Updating my resume and writing cover letters: I started my cover letter.  I have found that it is much easier to promote myself as a potential technology integration coach than as a band director.  I was speaking with … Continue reading

Thoughts on Crowd Funding, Dreaming Big, and Writing a Cover Letter that Doesn’t Suck

eggs in a basket

Thank you for hanging with me after that long title. I know. I am long-winded sometimes. You all are lucky- because I edit myself, and usually backtrack after my fingers lead us down a rabbit trail that had nothing to do with the original conversation. People who know me in real life are not so lucky. So I have this dream that I have been talking a lot about. It is actually less of a dream now, and more of a foregone conclusion. We are simply checking of days on a calendar and tasks off of our to-do lists. Last … Continue reading